One of the most important aspects of developing your property today in Delhi NCR, is to first secure and get the in depth knowledge of the rightful ownership of the land or the property that you are planning to own or get associated with. Be it sale, purchase or even rent or lease. A thorough understanding of your legal status is a must along with the market report of the new place where you are going to start your business. Malpractices of leasing with wrongful intentions of a few landlords have left many businesses stranded in the middle after a successful launch after a few years.

17 yards is on your side! We ensure that the property that you are planning to invest or lease for your business or your personal need is free from all encumbrance and if there are, they are brought to your knowledge beforehand with an appropriate rate accommodation along with it. The rightful stand on a later stage which was not pre stated at the time of the agreement is what makes 17 yards your best and true partner for all real estate deals.